Bitcoin: a regulator’s perspective from Jersey

Channel island Jersey is in the process of drafting regulation for virtual currencies to provide user protection and security while promoting business development in virtual currency markets. The Chief Minister’s consultation paper is a thorough discussion of policy issues in clear language. It’s from last year so the only currencies it discusses are Bitcoin and Ripple, but the issues remain the same. The business has grown as predicted but needs stable legal systems to promote penetration of virtual currency into mainstream markets. Jersey is angling to make itself a forum of choice.

2 thoughts on “Bitcoin: a regulator’s perspective from Jersey

  1. Thanks Edmund. I haven’t seen the actual proposal from Jersey yet, but I’m going to find it. It will be interesting to compare it to what the US Uniform laws committee started with as their draft. I think some early legislation attempts show unfamiliarity with the protocol from even a conceptual standpoint. Nina

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