A week of Chaos


Nina is a marmot

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog in the past couple weeks, mostly because smart contracts are heating up!  I got into smart contracts because I see in the technology a way to change the world for the better. This week I joined Eris Industries.  In my study of the smart contract world, Eris’s models most reflect how I, based on years of watching and helping businesses, believe commerce can and will integrate smart contracts.

Look for my posts to get a bit more technical as we delve into just how a lawyer becomes a marmot.

One thought on “A week of Chaos

  1. I agree Nina, after many years negotiating outsourcing solutions with clients I became disenchanted that the contractual phase was left until the end of the process, typically grabbing for the low hanging fruit of IT metrics to drive key terms and conditions, which are a poor means of aligning of aligning vendor and client behaviors. I became a lawyer and gravitated to smart contracts for the reasons you outline, plus they force the practioner to write more determinate clauses, plus they help even the power imbalance. The challenge I have found is overcoming the ‘network externalities’ effect of gathering a critical mass of interest, hopefully companies like Eris will change that. Good luck in your new endeavours.

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